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My Professional Journey

Notebook and Pen

DDL Training Programs

Drama, Discovery and Learning, LLC provides staff development, teacher training and coaching in the following projects.  Single day trainings (7hrs) and 4 hr. staff trainings are available for purchase.

When Children Can't Read, What Teachers Can Do* (I, II and III)

  This title is based on the book, When Kids Can't Read, What Teachers Can Do? by Kylene Beers.  DDL provides reading and writing strategies based in educational theatre that allows children to interact with the sounds of words for emergent readers(I)and with the characters and literary elements in readers in grades 3-8(II) and for struggling readers in high school (III).

What is Emotional Intelligence? The SEL Solution.

Effective communication, expressing feelings, affirmation and conflict resolution skills. Staff training and coaching sessions available.

What is Sexual Harassment? What Teachers Can Do?

Professional staff development on how to identify sexual harassment in schools and how to prevent it. Lessons taught in workshop interactive format with drama strategies. Argumentative articles and students essays read in class.

Is Freedom Free? 

Curriculum and teacher training in concepts of freedom in historical text , literary fiction and realities in the United States.

7 DAYS TO SUCCESSl English Regents Exam Test Prep & Practice

Drama, Discovery & Learning, LLC: My Work
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